Meaning of Life:it is not about goal. it is about path to the goal. Living here and now.Favorite Books:451 fahrenheit / 1984 / Animal Farm: A Fairy Story / Women / Factotum / Ham on Rye / Lord of the Flies / Brave New WorldWhat I Like To Do For Fun:i like to play pc games sometimes, play guitar, drawingFavorite Songs:i like any kind of music. It depends on my mood. When i am chilling i listen to LoFi Hip Hop or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Also like rock: AC/DC, SOAD, METALLICA, Papa Roach, Rammstein. And listen to rap and house.Favorite Movies:peacful Warrior / Matrix / Man from Earth / Les Misrables / The Truman ShowIf I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:it would be house in a forestHobbies:Going to gym time to time. Like to paly guitar, Drawing watch movie and anime in my spare time. Like to reaserch different stuff about our universe, human body, hormones, psychology etcTalents:Curious about everything =)Perfect Mate:Taller then me( i am 163) Smart Who would treat me well and someone we could be friend and lovers withPerfect Date:on the beach with bottle of whine talking about different stuff and cuddling ^_^Turn Ons/Offs:foreplay, neck kisses and gentle hug. increasing tempo step by step and turning it into rough loving

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